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Appointments are no longer available for the 37th Annual Rotary Health Fair - check back next year!

Low Cost Blood Tests!

COVID safe testing! This year, we successfully tested everyone at a new location on the hospital campus, designed exclusively for health fair testing only. Individuals were screened prior to entrance, special precautions adhered to and the space was used exclusively for health fair lab draws.


Blood Test Options

Below are brief descriptions and costs of the laboratory tests offered. The explanations are not meant to provide a diagnosis; rather offer a brief explanation of the specific tests and some medical conditions they may indicate.

Wellness Package

Includes Basic Panel, TSH & Vitamin D
See right and below for complete details

$170 Save $10

Basic Panel Part of Wellness Package

Chemistry Panel blood sugar, electrolytes, liver & kidney function
Lipid Panel cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL, HDL
Hemogram white and red blood cell count, platelet count, hemoglobin, hematocrit

Only $55

Specialized Labs

TSH Thyroid Stimulting Hormone
Part of Wellness Package
This screening provides information on thyroid function; important to a variety of metabolic activities in the body.

$50 regular price $122

Vitamin D Level
Part of Wellness Package
Vitamin D helps in the maintenance of normal levels of calcium and phosphorous. Aids in calcium absorption, which helps to form and maintain strong bones. May provide protection from osteoporosis, hypertension, cancer and some autoimmune diseases.

$75 regular price $159

Cardiac CRP
This tests a protein that increases during systemic inflammation, and may be used by clinicians to help inform treatment for patients with moderate to high risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

$55 regular price $130

PSA Prostate Specific Antigen - MEN
PSA is one method of screening for prostate cancer. The decision to have a PSA blood test should be made after discussing screening information with your medical provider.

$50 regular price $139

Hemoglobin A1C
Hemoglobin A1C indicates your average blood sugar level for the past two to three months. The higher your blood sugar levels, the higher the A1C. The results may be used in conjunction with other blood tests for the diagnosis of prediabetes (levels between 5.7-6.4%) or diabetes (6.5% or higher).

$50 regular price $127

Main sex hormone in men. Levels normally drop with age; however, result can help diagnose other health concerns.

$55 regular price $177

Hepatitis C Screening
This screening tests for antibodies to the Hepatitis C virus. Positive result can mean an acute or chronic infection and requires follow up testing with primary medical provider.

$50 regular price $138

Thyroid Free T4
Free T-4 level (especially when combined with TSH test_helps evaluate thyroid function

$55 regular price $172